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Right now, the Alva association supports four Sámi when they defend their fishing rights in 14thFebruary 2019 in the District Court. ​Buy or join:

Support the cause and buy

· T-shirt 50 euro + sending costs

· Poster 20 euro + sending costs

· Join as support member

T-shirt is black and it has picture of Deatnu river valley. Poster is A4 size poster of the Creating Justice picture.

Kiss from the border

To support Sámi fishing rights Alva Association sells Creating Justice / Hábmemin vuoiggalašvuođa t-shirts and posters according to orders. T-shirt and poster has a picture of a map of Deatnu river valley system surrounded by poem North Sámi. Picture is part of environmental community art project Rájácummá - Kiss from the Border by artists Niillas Holmberg, Jenni Laiti and Outi Pieski. It tells about the basis of self-government by local Sámi people: equal status for nature and people based on reciprocity and respect. 

Creating Justice

In the summer of 2018, while being interviewed regarding this matter, the questions "what do you think your children will learn about this case?” was asked of Kati, one of the fishers. She poignantly answered "I want to teach them that you won´t (always) get justice in this world, you have to be part in creating it". It is having a part in creating justice that is the message of the anglers’ actions and this campaign.

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