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Thank you for Sámi artists!

We would like to thank the Sámi artists Niillas Holmberg, Jenni Laiti and Outi Pieski for supporting the Vetsikko River anglers by donating the use of the artistic environmental artwork Rájácummá - The Kiss from the Border to campaign. It expresses the principles of self-government by local Sámi people - equal status for nature and people based on reciprocity and respect.  We would also like to thank Sofia Jannok for her support, whose joik provides the background to the campaign videos.

Until 2016, the local Vetsikko Sámi were able to fish all waters within the Teno River watershed, including the so called state waters, with a free fishing license. However, with the recent amendment to the Finnish Fisheries Act, this perpetual right was swept away. In order to challenge the unfair change in the law, Kati, Heidi, Anne and Erke decided to continue fishing in their normal, and generations-old, manner even if that were unauthorized by the Finnish government. In this way, they forced the Finnish legal system to deal with the matter in court and to confront them as criminals because of their Sami lifestyle.

In the summer of 2018, while being interviewed regarding this matter, the questions "what do you think your children will learn about this case?” was asked of Kati. She poignantly answered "I want to teach them that you won´t  (always) get justice in this world, you have to be part in creating it".  It is having a part in creating justice that is the message of the anglers’ actions and this campaign.

Thank you Niillas Holmberg, Jenni Laiti, Outi Pieski and Sofia Jannok for your support to Vetsikko anglers and the Sámi struggle! Together we are Creating Justice.

If you would also like to support Vetsikko fishermen and create justice, place an order for the "Creating Justice" poster or t-shirt by clicking on this link:

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